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Described as "the future of the blues" by Bill Dahl (Chicago Tribune) circa 1996,  Clarence’s sound has become more distinguishable now than ever before.  He plays with a depth and sensitivity that can't be taught, effortlessly combining blues, jazz, funk, latin and rock into his own unique style.  His moving guitar play, rough street-edged vocals, songwriting and live improvisations are demonstrated with every performance.

Born, Clarence Sloan Spady on July 1, 1961 in Paterson, NJ., he’s been performing professionally since the age of 5, ever since his Aunt Bea found him playing “High Heeled Sneakers” on his father’s guitar backstage one night at his Uncle Fletchey’s R & B Band show at a local Elks Club. He’s been startling people with his immense god-given guitar playing ever since.  In short, Clarence is one of those artists that can actually move people.  He brings out a range of emotions in you throughout his performances and recordings.

Spady honors over the years:
-1996 Named to Living Blues Magazines Top 40 Blues Artists Under 40 Years Old
-1997 W.C. Handy Award Nominee for "Best New Blues Artist of the Year"
-1998 Awarded France Blues Trophie "Top International Blues Artist of the Year"
-2009 Blues Music Award Nominee "Best Contemporary Blues Artist of the Year"
-2011 Named Top 100 Most Gifted Guitarists You Should Know ...
-2012 Inducted into the International Blues Hall of Fame presented at Kenny’s Castaways, NYC
-2013 Appearance on the Artie Lange Show...

 “ A soulful singer and hot guitarist who takes the blues of BB King and Albert Collins, and mixes it with the soul of Ray Charles and some funk of James Brown”… Jazz Café, Hong Kong

"One of those rare surprises that smacks you upside the head and lets you know how lucky you are to be able to the listen to music."                                               …  Vintage Guitar Magazine

“This is blues music for the 21st century: lively, sophisticated, and proud of its roots.”                                                                                              … Rev. Keith Gordon,

“Clarence Spady's outstanding skills as a pleasantly fresh songwriter, solid vocalist, and as a superb guitarist who rises above it all.  This is future Blues, with prior influences firmly in place, performed to absolute perfection.”       
                                                                                                            …Bob Putignano,  Blues Wax